Danger and Opportunity


We understand that the Chinese character for “crisis” is actually a composite of two other characters: “danger” and “opportunity.”  The current financial crisis certainly feels dangerous.  That is the part that is emphasized by the press and which catches our attention.  There is no denying the shock and damage done to financial markets and the economy.  Current financial markets also provide opportunity.

By rebalancing our portfolios we force ourselves to “buy low” and “sell high.”  We also are able to “harvest losses” for taxable portfolios, thus giving ourselves greater flexibility in tax and portfolio planning.  At a time when stocks are “on sale,” by not selling, we are in effect “buying” at possibly bargain prices.  Discipline pays off over the long haul.

At this time of year we think of our blessings.  We are blessed with wonderful clients and an opportunity to help them realize their dreams and fulfill their responsibilities.  We thank you for that opportunity.

On a business note, in order for our staff to spend more time with their families, our office will be closed Thursday, December 25th, Friday, December 26th, Thursday, January 1st, and Friday, January 2nd.

Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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