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Context and perspective to improve behavioral  finance patterns and  make smarter financial decisions. A focus above the fray, on what matters most for effective financial outcomes and goal achievement.

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    News articles to help you and others make better financial decisions. Topics include investor behavior, smart financial choices, investor pitfalls to avoid, inter-generational wealth issues, fiduciary process, and other topics.

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    What to make of “Brexit”

    SUMMARY: The United Kingdom’s vote last week to leave the European Union has global significance, but it may take years to know the full impact. The U.K. is likely to feel long-term affects. In the short term, uncertainty about the degree of global ripple-effect makes investment markets nervous. Thoughts and general guidance are outlined below: […]

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    Market volatility: Breathe deeply and don’t do a thing

    Given the recent increase in market volatility, we thought you might find the article below to be helpful.

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    You choose: Fiduciary vs. suitability standards of care

    There are two very different standards of care, when it comes to financial professionals: “Fiduciary” (registered investment advisors, regulated by the SEC) and “suitability” (brokers, “self-regulated”). Below is a combination of re-organized Washington Post excerpts that summarize it well: Fiduciaries have a much stricter duty and legal obligation than do those who operate under suitability […]

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