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Context and perspective to improve behavioral  finance patterns and  make smarter financial decisions. A focus above the fray, on what matters most for effective financial outcomes and goal achievement.

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    Noise attracts more attention than silence.

    Noise generally attracts more attention than silence. Being aware of certain things you don’t see or hear, however, is sometimes more important than the obvious.

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    Q2-2016 Market Review

    Brexit, Regrexit, Bremorse, Breturn? The 2nd quarter was reasonably uneventful and markets were relatively placid until June 23rd, when British voters narrowly approved the Brexit referendum. Investor complacency was replaced with shock, and markets reacted fiercely. Volatility spiked, global bond yields fell sharply.

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    The new “Fiduciary Rule” requires that financial advisors put client interests first… except when it doesn’t.

    The DoL recently announced finalization of the “Fiduciary Rule.” Given the final language of the law and the relatively minor changes from the proposed version in 2015, the public should be concerned. As background, and unbeknownst to most consumers, the financial industry is divided into two groups: 1) A very large group of firms, both […]

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    Here We Go Again – Risk is Your Friend

    There’s a good reason several musicians have songs titled “Here we go again” …life is full of challenges that cycle through.

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    Quarterly Thoughts – Reality of Red Numbers

    What’s your guess as to how many months the stock market declines or rises each year? And in bad vs. good markets?

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    Simple vs. Simplistic

    Most people want to help keep their investment planning and lives simple, but they don’t want their strategic planning or investment portfolios to be simplistic. This is a critical distinction understood by the savvy consumer. To us, “simple” means “easy and helpful” for our clients. Simplicity occurs for our clients as a result of our […]

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    Buyer re-beware – Proposed “fiduciary rule” to protect investor has big gaps

    In a perfect world, all consumers of financial guidance and products would receive non-conflicted advice, because biased “advice” causes serious economic damage. A White House Council of Economic Advisers analysis estimates that conflicts of interest shrinks affected investor accounts by about 1% per year, totaling about $17 billion annually. Cumulatively, a 1% haircut hurts many […]

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    Doctrine of the Mean

    Another year behind us and ahead of us. As 2014 started, many expected that inflation and interest rates would rise back towards more normal levels. Instead, rates stayed low, helping extended the US stock market rally. International stock markets have been slower to find their footing after the global financial crisis and are now adopting […]

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    Some Context On Market Corrections

    Will a Stock Market Correction Derail your Goal?  With markets hovering around all-time highs in recent months and the global financial crisis still a lingering memory, it is understandable that the recent increase in volatility might test the average investor’s nerves.

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    2014 Q3 Quarterly Context Webinar

    View our quarterly video on markets, the economy and investor behavior patterns… Information without information overload, as context for making better long-term investment decisions, and becoming an increasingly sophisticated investor. 2014-Q3 Quarterly Context Webinar

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